Cancer horoscope 25 february

If it affects you and the collective as a whole, take charge of the situation. See how you can get together as a team and make a positive difference.

If the relationship you share with your co-workers has been so-so, now is the time to bridge the gap. The Universe is working extra hard to bring you and your soulmate together.

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Librans in love, this is the perfect time to say the three magic words, and talk about the life you want to build and the places you want to see together. Cosmic tip: The Universe is working extra hard to bring you and your soulmate together.

Daily Horoscopes: February 25, 12222

Allow yourself to vulnerable, Scorpio. Allow yourself to ask for help. Remember, those who truly love you will see this as a strength. The good thing is: you have a support system many can only dream of.

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When people show up for you, let them. While your challenges may or may not have changed, your response to them certainly has.

Keep growing, keep glowing. Capricorn, you are gold. A goddess reincarnated, if we may. Knowledge is power, Aquarius. Let life teach you what you need to know.

Love and Compatibility for February 25 Zodiac

After a very long time, this narrative is finally coming to a close. The universe has been serving up some serious lessons, forcing you to confront the dark corners of your psyche. Use the next few weeks to reflect on how much has changed in your life since August Sure, you may experience occasional jealousy from time to time, but this eclipse series ushered in exponential growth.

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This is a big lunation, Cancer babe. Let it sink in. Now, the way you process the past is going to be directly linked to how you move forward. Through , your achievements will correspond to your healing process. That said, try to take it easy today—the Moon is in sensitive Cancer.

The Moon in Cancer finds you in the mood to socialize today. Your planetary ruler Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune in Pisces, your opposite sign, bringing a whimsical vibe to your partnerships. The Moon in Cancer finds you reflecting on your career, Libra, This morning, your planetary ruler Venus squares off with warrior Mars, bringing about a tense but important conversation. The Moon is in fellow Water sign Cancer today, encouraging you to learn something new.

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Venus clashes with your planetary ruler Mars, finding you aching with desire—and taking action toward getting your needs met. Trust your intuition concerning a situation at home or within your family. Supportive energy will arrive this afternoon, helping you feel secure and grounded.

The Moon in Cancer encourages deeper intimacy within your partnerships.